• Web development has recently come to mean the development of a Content management system (CMS).
  • CMS can be created from open source and scratch.
  • CMS acts as a middleware between user and database through the browser.
  • The best benefit of CMS is that it allows common people to make changes in websites without having any technical knowledge.
  • In larger organizations, web development teams are big.

What is Web Application Development?

Web development is basically the development of a website for a private network or the World Wide Web Internet. Web development ranges from developing a single static page to a very complex application based on web, social networking services or electronic businesses.
  • A more comprehensive list can be web design, web engineering, web content, server and network security, server/client-side scripting, and E-commerce development.
  • Web development mainly refers to the building of non-design aspects of websites such as coding and writing markup.
  • They consist of hundreds of web developers and follow agile methodologies for the development of websites.
  • A small organization may have only a single developer, graphic designer and IS technician.
Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
Deals with the visuals and layout of a website.
Back-End Developer
Back-End Developer
Deals with the functionality of the website.
Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Programs data collecting functions of the website.
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Completed Projects
Successful Projects

Why invest in getting a Website?

The simplest answer to this complex question is that getting a website for your company helps in promoting your business in vast ways. A website can even make you a billionaire. In the modern world of technology, everyone’s first priority of access to any kind of need is through the internet.
  • They simply search for the desired thing and get thousands of solutions to get that thing.
  • For example, if someone wants to buy a certain gadget, he will simply search for it on the internet and order it online.
  • But what makes this ease of access possible? The answer is the Website itself.
  • Every single activity done on a website by the users proves to be beneficial to the company that owns the company and helps it in making the business big and earn more.
  • Some of the most famous names websites that made their owners billionaire just by are Amazon, Facebook, and Ali Baba.
Top Earning Websites in Pakistan
Local websites such as,,, and are earning 10 to 25 lacs per month. Online shopping website is earning more than any offline store in Pakistan. Websites like these have shown us the real benefit of being online.
How Can a Website Bring You Business?
Thousands of people are searching for services and products that you are selling. The probability of getting a client increases every time a person visits your business website. If your website is ranked on Google or Bing, you will definitely get more sales and leads because your website will appear in people’s searching. Another concept is posting ads on websites like

JSoft Technology is the Best Web Development Company

Web designing is a core solution of JSoft Technology, on which we are working for a long time now. Web designing is eye-catching if the design is creative and updated to the latest technology. Our main focus is on the innovation of with stylish and new designs for our clients.
  • We make the website creative and user-friendly by adding new and unique features to it.
  • Most of the companies that are offering web development services nowadays are not reliable and don’t know the real concept of web designing.
  • For making a good professional website you have to keep in mind all the major aspects such as device screen resolution, browser compatibility, and latest tools such as HTML5 AND CSS3, CMS, attractive design, search engine friendliness, and security.
  • Companies that charge less for a website are usually not providing all the services that can affect your website visibility, layout and online appearance which may lead to a mediocre reputation of your business in the mind of the client. You may also lose a client because of this.
This article assures you the importance of existing online. Companies that were struggling 5 years ago have a good reputation today because they have invested fortunes in promoting their business through the latest technologies. Therefore, launching a website for your business would definitely increase the value of your business over time. All it takes is the right and committed team.

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